by chicisnatural

No joke, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect leather-like mini shirt for what seems like ages. I bought a couple in the past but didn’t love them (finding a great fitting mini can be hard) so my search forged on. Last week during an online window shopping session I came across this little number. The studded details really made it stand out and the asymmetrical hem just sealed the deal for me. Because of my prior disappointments I wasn’t expecting too much but when I received it…. love at first try-on! It’s comfy, fits wonderfully and accentuates all the right places. And can you believe I got this baby for only 13 bucks on sale? Major wardrobe win.

I paired the skirt with these wedge sandals for a toughened up contrast. I love these shoes as they’re super edgy and different. I def need to pull them out a lot more.


ruffle sleeve TOP

asymmetrical SKIRT

black tote BAG

wedge SANDALS (sold out)

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Sive March 19, 2020 - 9:27 am

Hey there I’m Sive from south Africa in East London, I’m your biggest fan, I just find out recently that you change your wardrobe every year although I’ve been following you for more than 2 years now, I like your style you inspire me in many ways in fact you’re perfect, please leave a notification every time you’re about to clear your wadrobe i might wanna purchase something especially bags and jackets, I’ll leave my e-mail below
Thanks. ❤S

Audrea October 26, 2018 - 9:58 am

Very nice matches on your clothes. I have seen your YouTube videos . I love the way you not only share your recipes, but show how to make them and what to buy.I have seen so many videos on Vegans but yours is far more educational and it shows outwardly that the vegan diet works. I’m going to try it. Hey not even my dietician friend from work (she’s vegan) convinced me that’s how good you are👋👋👋👍👍👍👍👍👍

Alexis Poythress June 5, 2017 - 5:40 pm

Is that the Kim Kardashian inspired wig?

Likewater4chocolat May 13, 2017 - 4:21 pm

The skirt! The shoes! Love em! Size on the skirt and does it fit true to size?

chicisnatural May 18, 2017 - 1:11 pm

I got the skirt in US4 and it fits true to me.

DenayTheDiva May 12, 2017 - 4:09 am

Beautiful! #LoveTheLook

Queen May 11, 2017 - 9:57 pm

Love this look!! yeassss!!

Val May 11, 2017 - 4:31 pm

This is too cute!!!!

TAUNYA May 11, 2017 - 4:12 pm

Okayyyy GET IT KIM! love that skirt, can’t believe its such a bargain!

SHAKIA May 11, 2017 - 4:10 pm

Ok so I’m definitely gonna cop that skirt! So sad the shoes are sold out tho ughhh

Sandi May 11, 2017 - 3:26 pm

Girl it looks so good on you! It was definitely a major wardrobe win!!! It looks much better on you than it does on the website model. Womp womp lol (ok that was mean)

Gigi May 11, 2017 - 2:59 pm

You make the skirt look better than it does on the site it’s sold on. The skirt and shoes are everything in this look.

Menellia May 11, 2017 - 2:18 pm

Lovee the detail & that bob perfected it.